DFW Residential Non-Residential Building Surged in April

Construction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area surged in April. A huge year-over-year increase in nonresidential building starts added to the annual building totals, according to a new report from Dodge Data and Analytics. Nonresidential building starts in the region totaled more than $1.2 billion in April — more than twice the activity of April 2018. But residential starts fell from a year ago and totaled about $1.1 billion. Through the first four months of the year, nonresidential building starts in North Texas are up 13% from the same period last year. And residential starts are down 11%, according to Dodge Data. The jump in commercial building activity in the area erased losses in the sector in the early months of 2019. Click to read more at www.dallasnews.com.

The Intersection of Sports and Commercial Real Estate

With the recent announcement that the Dallas Cowboys are entering the co-working arena, we are now witnessing the emergence of a fascinating new real estate trend. The Cowboys are transcending traditional real estate investments in office space, retail, multifamily and, now, co-working, by leveraging the strength of its brand to become a commercial real estate juggernaut. It’s a fascinating study in brand loyalty, and it may hint at the future of our industry: buildings as brands. As an organization, the cowboys franchise is no stranger to wise real estate strategy. Establishing the franchise headquarters and the team’s official practice facility in a far north suburb may not seem like a play that would go on to become one of the nation’s most popular real estate developments. Click to read more at www.dmagazine.com.

Roger Staubach Partners Up With The Dallas Cowboys Again, This Time For Real Estate

If you live in North Texas, you pretty much worship the Dallas Cowboys, and the team’s most famous quarterback, Roger Staubach. Starting next year, Cowboys fans can live right next door to their dream team’s 91-acre world headquarters and practice facility in Frisco, Texas, about 28 miles north of Dallas. Even better news: the $62.5 million project is being developed through a joint venture with Roger Staubach, one of the most famous players in football history, Cowboys current owner Jerry Jones, and former Cowboys center Robert Shaw, a Dallas-based developer. Click to read more at www.forbes.com.

How this New York concept made a not-so-serendipitous landing in DFW

The arrival of New York-based Serendipity Labs Inc. to the Dallas Arts District didn’t come as a result of chance, instead, it was carefully orchestrated — much like the shared office concept itself.

And, if you talk to Founder and CEO John Arenas, it would become quite clear that Serendipity Labs knows exactly who they are and what demographic the “upscale, hospitality-driven coworking concept” is targeting, with an eye on delivering on experience.

“Our concept is deeply rooted in hospitality that delivers an experience that happens to look like coworking,” Arenas told the Dallas Business Journal during a tour of the new 29,000-square-foot flagship location in Texas.

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See North Texas’ most luxurious ranches and estates put up for sale this year

While North Texas is becoming tightly-packed with high-rises and towers, some residents are keeping enough space for expansive ranches and luxurious estates.

For a few (or several) million dollars, homebuyers had the chance this year to get their hands on ranches boasting top-notch amenities and plenty of acreage, or opulent mansions on smaller plots. Whether it’s rural living or urban dwelling, the region’s top-selling properties came packed with plenty of lavish features.

We take you inside some of the most popular (and most expensive) homes to hit the market this year.

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DFW’s next big idea? Bringing walkable connections to downtown Dallas

It’s been a year since the Urban Land Institute held its big annual conference in Dallas, and in that time North Texas stakeholders have brought some new ideas to the table for ULI North Texas’ third annual Impact Awards gala.

This year, Dallas-based Merriman Anderson Architects presented a pedestrian-friendly extension of the redevelopment of Commerce Street stretching from Deep Ellum into the Farmers Market with the help of Harwood Street.

The proposal was pitched last week under the generic title ‘The Statler Corridor’. It consists of the historic Statler Hilton with the adjacent Old Dallas Public Library and the new Harwood Garage and Residency, which could help connect this part of the city with these two neighborhoods.

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