Bridgeland Among Nine Houston Communities On Group’s Top-Seller List

Home sales at the nation’s 50 top-selling MPCs exceeded expectations in the first half of 2019, with a pace that indicates the potential for a 10% increase at year’s end compared with 2018. On average, communities on this year’s list experienced approximately 3% growth in sales over the same time period last year. Texas, Florida, […]

A Former Walmart Store Will Transform Into Office Space Under New Ownership

A Texas real estate company has purchased a former Walmart store in south Charlotte that it will transform into an office building, as developers across Charlotte look to repurpose shuttered big-box stores. Texas-based Artesia Real Estate said in a press release Thursday that it will turn the Walmart store, near the intersection of South Boulevard […]

Appealing To Millennial Renters Who Wish To Remain Child-Free And Mortgage-Free

If you own or manage rental properties, your ideal tenant is likely a young, gainfully employed person who plans to rent long-term. Luckily for you, this dream occupant comprises one of the largest renting demographics: millennials. According to Pew Research Center, 74% of them are renters. And given that the same study states that they’re also […]

McKinney Economic Development Corp. CEO, President Nears One-Year, Celebrates Rebrand

Nearly one year ago Peter Tokar moved from Alpharetta, Georgia, to McKinney. Tokar joined the McKinney Economic Development Corp. to serve as president and CEO on July 30, 2018. During Tokar’s first year with the MEDC, he has rebranded and restructured the organization and helped build a pipeline of businesses looking to call McKinney home. […]