Amazon $13.7bn Whole Foods bid aims to deliver basketful of economies

With its $13.7bn deal to buy Whole Foods Market, Amazon may finally have answered a question that has stumped executives in charge of its nascent groceries business. How can an online supermarket that has fewer customers than a provincial convenience store chain buy enough food to stock a virtual cornucopia?

Amazon dominates online shopping in the US, with $136bn in annual revenues. But its grocery delivery service has made faltering progress since launching in 2007.

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Suburban shift or urban revival? The numbers show more sprawl, y’all

The nationwide urban renaissance narrative that has reverberated during the latest expansion cycle may very well just be a short-lived trend. Suburban growth surpassed urban densification, according to the latest census county population estimates.

  • Not only are suburbs growing at a rapid rate, Texas ‘burbs are leading the country in population growth. Four of the five fastest-growing large cities, for the 12 months ending July 2016, are located in Texas. CBRE Research sorted through the data to give you the heads up.

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The most expensive keywords in commercial real estate

Most real estate pros try using SEO tactics to boost their presence on Google and other search engines, and it’s no difference for those who specialize in commercial real estate. But running a successful SEO campaign can be a long, hard slog, which is why many go the sponsored ad route, using Google’s AdWords program to get their websites to the top of Google’s results page.

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Don’t Count Banks Out of Filling CRE Debt Void Just Yet

With CMBS issuance down by half over the first half of this year, banks have largely stepped in to meet the strong demand for CRE debt financing. However, analysts are beginning to raise questions on the impact regulatory and pricing issues may have on bankers’ ability to continue providing borrowers with funds in the second half.

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Top 7 Impacts Brexit Has on Commercial Real Estate

History is once again made with the unexpected news that Great Britain chose to depart from the European Union. This decision left the global political and economic markets anxious about the unforeseen current event. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so we should examine what Brexit’s impact has on commercial property.

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