Ray interviews Joe Watson, Axis Point Developers


Can you give us a bit of your background in commercial real estate, including your many trips to Saudi Arabia and their purpose?

In the early part of my career, like many developers, I worked in several commercial fields including shopping centers, office, apartments, and mixed-use developments.  It did not take long to decide to focus on multi-family, both garden and mid-rise communities.  For fifteen years I built apartments in numerous cities in six states.  A lot of the equity for those developments was supplied by American ex-pats and Saudi investors, which necessitated a total of 23 trips to the Middle East. Those trips jump-started my interest in international travel, and hugely expanded my horizon from the small central Texas town where I was raised.

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CCIM Commercial Real Estate Forecast

Speaker:  Dr. Mark Dotzour

  • US economy nearing full employment, having grown slowly but strongly under previous administration from 2007-2008 financial meltdown/recession
  • Higher interest rates in our future, although they will come slowly
  • Economy strengthening which has taken place over past 8 years will lead to labor shortages, wage increases, and some inflation

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Helpful and Interesting Tidbits from Commercial Real Estate Brokers Continuing Education Course-Texas A&M Real Estate Center October 2016

The following “bullet points” are excerpted from a long list of speaker over nineteen hours of presentations:

Investment Climate in Houston:

  • There is ample capital seeking yields…“dry powder” in closed-in funds at all time high; cash more available for mergers & acquisitions, not so much for new construction except retail and industrial
  • Lenders and investors are upping the percentage of capital available to commercial real estate (CRE); however construction debt is difficult in this economic and regulatory climate

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