Working well at The Work Well: Caldwell Companies open coworking space


Just as the well was a gathering point in pioneer towns, longtime Houston firm Caldwell Companies hopes its new coworking enterprise, The Work Well, can bring people and ideas

“We want this to be the well where ideas are launched and your business takes flight,” says Miranda Hadamik, Caldwell’s vice president of investments.

The name came to William Hatfield, The Work Well’s community and workstyle director, in a kind of light bulb moment. It neatly wraps up all Caldwell hoped to convey: a connection to the company, how people will interact and a visual cue of a meeting place.

“We want you to work well, we want you to be productive and we want your business to grow into bigger and better things,” Hadamik says.

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Catching Up With Creech: The man behind Stan Creech Properties


Here’s the thing about Stan Creech: he’s a talker – in the best way. Not the annoying I-can’t-wait-until- this-person-pipes-down person who jabbers incessantly, but the kind you could listen to for hours on end. He’s well-versed in seemingly any topic, but he just might know more about Houston real estate than anyone else in the game.

That knowledge dates back to 1971, the year Creech graduated from the University of Texas law school. Yes, law. He says it didn’t take him long to realize that wasn’t going to be the career path for him.

“I talked to a couple of law firms, but I needed more interaction with people. I like reading them and negotiating with them,” Creech says. “To me, that’s the most fascinating thing about meeting people: figuring out how to negotiate with them.”

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Innovating Industrial: 2018 Trends to Watch


When it’s built out to its full potential, a 350-acre joint venture between Hillwood and T5 will offer 400 megawatts of data power.

“To put that in perspective, the entire Dallas- Fort Worth data center market is about 400 megawatts,” says Hillwood’s Tony Creme. “We’re very excited about this and see a lot of potential
in this new project.”

‘That property is part of AllianceTexas, the company’s 18,000-acre master-planned mixed-use community in North Fort Worth. Though it’s far from complete, the project is already home to
more than 480 companies, which provide more than 48,000 jobs, including Facebook. “This is the gift that seems to keep on giving,” Creme says of the social network’s data center.

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“We’ve got to keep hustling”: Fort Worth fights to make a name for itself


They don’t call Dallas ‘Big D’ for nothing. It tops lists like Forbes’ “Best Cities for Jobs” and “Best Places to Invest in Real Estate” or’s “Best Real Estate Markets in the U.S.” It is the shining example of growth and development in North Texas. Therein lies the challenge for the city that could be considered Dallas’ little sister: Fort Worth.

The seat of Tarrant County, Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the country, but its glow is often muted by the spectacle of big sis, Big D. At a recent conference on economic development, local government and economic leaders acknowledged visibility is a challenge.

“From a visibility standpoint and an informational standpoint, people just aren’t aware of us as a community,” said Robert Sturns, the city’s economic development director.

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The Amazon effect: How retailers are adapting to the rapidly changing environment


The one constant about the retail industry is that it’s constantly changing, though experts in the field acknowledge that the current pace of change is unlike any they’ve seen in their careers.

“I feel like things are accelerating right now,” says Artemio De La Vega, president and CEO of De La Vega Development, who was one of the Development & Construction panelists during ICSC’s 2017 Texas Retail Forecast.

“As for the number of groups that are reinventing themselves and adapting to the changing times, it’s probably the most substantial shift I’ve seen,” adds Ryan Johnson, co-market leader at SRS Real Estate Partners, who moderated the retail panel during the forecast summit. “That’s why it’s a fun industry to work in. You have to be on top of your game. You have to know what’s happening in the markets. You have to know what consumers want. That’s what I love about retail.”

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Keeping Up With Kristen: Berkadia’s McDade locks up land deals


If success in the commercial real estate industry is based on outlook and attitude, Berkadia’s Kristen McDade is going to have one heck of a 2018!

“You can almost feel the energy bubbling up!” says the Senior Director of the Houston office. “There are lots of calls on sites, offers are flying around and deals are coming together — and with realistic speed (which has been lacking for the past 24 months).”

Throughout 2017, McDade says she felt as though she was in transition. The University of St. Thomas grad only just made the move from CBRE to Berkadia late in 2016, coming on board to lead the Land Services team.

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