Deed Restrictions and Airbnb







The “sharing economy”, led by companies such as Uber and Airbnb, is in full force and continues to gain popularity.

Of particular interest in the real estate industry is short-term rental with companies such as Airbnb, Home Away and VBRO. These companies offer an online marketplace for people to lease or rent short-term lodging in houses, apartments, vacation homes and thelike. Short-term rentals offer travelers an alternative to traditional sources of lodging, such as hotels. Short term
rentals also offer property owners a way to generate extra income from their residence. The rise in popularity of Airbnb and its competitors has led many neighborhoods to confront the question of what to do about short-term rentals. This article discusses the various ways neighborhoods can address short-term rentals.

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Mineral Rights vs Surface Rights

By Micah Leigh

The economy across Texas is largely based on oil and gas. As the oil and gas market goes, so goes real estate development. But what happens when these two industries collide? If one entity owns the mineral rights, but another owns the surface rights, who wins a dispute if the oil industry decides to drill on a certain property? For answers, REDNews turned to Rusty Adams, Research Attorney at Texas A & M Real Estate Center.

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Permitting Paralysis: Land Use Approvals In The Houston Area


Although Texas, and in particular, Houston, celebrates a reputation as an entrepreneur’s dreamland, we have a consistently increasing body of land use and development regulation.  Densification brings growing pains in the form of land use conflicts and, in many cases results in more regulation, both public and private. Development in metro Houston is regulated by more sophisticated land use controls than many realize. The persistent rumor that the City of Houston’s lack of formal zoning codes results in a lax regulatory environment inside the City and around the metro Houston area creates false expectations for developers.  Developers neglecting to do their homework experience problems in the form of delay, cost and unexpected limitations on their projects.

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Texas Central’s High Speed Rail – an Idea or a Reality?


Texas Central Partners (Texas Central), a private company in Texas, hopes to start construction for a high-speed rail connecting Dallas to Houston in 2018, and hopes to have the rail running by 2023. REDNews talked to Drayton McLane Jr., a Houston business leader, and both an investor and Board Member for Texas Central.

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